Home Inspection

Before you choose your new home, let us help you ensure that you know as much about your investment as possible by applying an organized and disciplined inspection method and the best tools and technology in the industry.

Pre-Listing Inspection

About to sell your home? We can help you familiarize yourself with the condition of your property so that you can address and/or prepare for any issues prior to entering into a sales transaction.

Pool Inspection

About to take the plunge? Eric is a Certified Pool Operator & Certified Pool Inspector. Let us help you "get your feet wet" learning about the condition of your pool and equipment!

WDI Coordination

Buying a new home? We can help you coordinate your "WDI" or wood destroying insect inspection to make peace of mind as easy as possible!

Drone Inspections

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. We believe that hands down the best way to inspect the roof is to physically walk on it. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Very high roofs would require very large extension ladders to access which would not be practical for home inspectors to transport and deploy. Very steep roofs cannot be safely stood on or walked on and some roof surfaces could be damaged if walked on such as clay or metal tiles. According to the Texas Real Estate Commission, inspectors are not required to report on inaccessible areas of the roof. Even so, our desire to provide the best customer service to our clients using the latest technology has driven us to include the use of aerial drones in our inspection aresenal. Eric is an FAA licensed drone pilot (#4287993) and can provide high quality, high definition video and images using the latest drone technology. Don't settle for "inaccessble" when it comes to your roof evaluation. Let InspectRx show you what the others can't!

A relative newcomer to home inspection technology that is becoming more widely used is infrared thermal imaging cameras. These cameras detect temperature differences that are invisible to the naked eye and display the images for us to see. Why is this important during a home inspection? Some of the things that we hope to discover using thermal imaging cameras are electrical or moisture issues that we would not be able to detect otherwise, such as overheating electrical breakers or plumbing leaks. Issues with building insulation are also common as well as other issues. While these cameras are not miracle tools, can't see through walls, and certainly don't guarantee that issues will be identified, they are useful tools when used as part of an organized, methodical inspection process. At InspectRx, we use thermal cameras, such as the Flir E8 XT at no extra charge so that we can give our clients the best inspection possible. Put our technology and training to work for you!

Thermal Imaging

Zip Level

One of the components that our customers are most concerned with is the foundation. One way to take a closer look at foundation performance is through the use of a tool called a Zip Level. A Zip Level is an extremely sensitive altimeter that measures elevation differences. We use the sensor to measure two different locations in the house. If the numbers are different, there MAY have been some foundation movement. It is important to note that there are generally accepted tolerances of difference in foundation measurement. That is why experience and training are important to be able to combine other symptoms of foundation settlement. At InspectRx, we own and use our own Zip Level to assist in foundation performance evaluation when necessary. As an extra service, we are capable of providing foundation elevation maps for our clients. A laser measure and computer program are used to draw the footprint of the home to form a more complete picture of the foundation performance that can be used now or in the future.

One of the most useful tools we employ during a home inspection is our moisture meter. Sometimes a material may appear to have undergone moisture damage but we cannot be sure if the damage or staining is currently wet or if the material was just stained in the past and has since been corrected. A good way to help determine this is through the use of moisture meters. These are tools that we press against the materials or insert prongs into and the tool then provides a response of "wet", "dry", or even a %. We use moisture meters such as the Protimeter Survey Master in conjunction with the thermal imaging camera to confirm if a material that appears to be a different temperature is actually wet. We also commonly use them on ceiling stains, window sill damage, and flooring next to exterior doors to name a few. Let us put our sharp eye and thorough process to work for you!

Moisture Meters

HVAC Technician

A home appliance that many of our customers are especially concerned with is the Air Conditioning or "HVAC" system, and with good reason. High humidity and summer temperatures and winter cold can really put a damper on the comfort of your home. At InspectRx, we go above and beyond to make sure that a thorough and competent evaluation of your home's air conditioning system is performed. That is why Eric became trained as an HVAC technician. Rest assured, we will inspect your accessible system from top to bottom and everywhere in between. Let us put our hard work and training to work for you!

At InspectRx, LLC, we believe that one of the most important components to be evaluated on a prospective home is the lateral sewer line.  The lateral sewer line is simply a plumbing pipe buried underground that all of the waste water from the home’s plumbing fixtures runs into.  When a plumbing fixture in the home is turned on, the water runs down the drain, beneath the floor of the home, and into this pipe where it runs out to the city sewer to be carried away.  Because the line is buried underground, it can be difficult to access and expensive to repair or replace.  That’s why we believe it is a must see component during a home inspection.  We have our own professional grade sewer scope camera and Eric is a certified sewer scope inspector.  We have the tools and training to tell you as much about your new home as possible so that you can enter into your new home with peace of mind and confidence!

Sewer Scope

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