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Home Inspection

Before you choose your new home, let us help you ensure that you know as much about your investment as possible by applying an organized and disciplined inspection method and the best tools and technology in the industry.

Pre-Listing Inspection

About to sell your home? We can help you familiarize yourself with the condition of your property so that you can address and/or prepare for any issues prior to entering into a sales transaction.

Pool Inspection

About to take the plunge? Eric is a Certified Pool Operator & Certified Pool Inspector. Let us help you "get your feet wet" learning about the condition of your pool and equipment!

WDI Coordination

Buying a new home? We can help you coordinate your "WDI" or wood destroying insect inspection to make peace of mind as easy as possible!.

Still unsure about whether or not an InspectRX home inspection makes a big difference?

Let's hear what U.S. homeowners think

believe home inspections are a necessity,
not a luxury, when deciding on a new home
agree home inspections helped
them avoid many potential problems
note, in the long run, their home
inspection actually helped save money

Should I Buy This House?

Eric at InspectRx is often asked, "Should I buy this house?"

While he can't answer this question for you, he will help put you on the right track to answer this question yourself. Check out this video to see what this means.


This is literally what your home is built on.

Click for more about this important component.

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Air Conditioning

Staying warm, cool, and dry is the first step

to being comfortable in your home.

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How do we keep the rain off of our

heads and protect our homes?

Click to find out!

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We use it for heating, cooling, cooking, light,

and a host of other items that we will look into.

Click for more on the electrical system of your home.

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Delivering water to the home and then taking

it away makes the plumbing system critical.

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What goes into a home inspection?

Take a tour of this home and click each of our 5 orange markers to find out! Whether it's the home's foundation, air conditioning, roof, electrical, or plumbing, you can rest assured that InspectRx is going to take their time to thoroughly vet each of these important components.

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