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Hello! I am excited that you are considering InspectRx for part of your property buying team. In the interest of being part of that team, I think it’s important that we get acquainted. I was born right here in Dallas and was raised in the surrounding suburbs. As a lifelong native of the area, I have had the opportunity to see Dallas and its surrounding cities grow and change over the decades. I’ve gone to school here, had a career here and started a family here. More than 20 years ago I began a wonderful career as a firefighter paramedic that has given as much to me as I have given to it. I started my career as a rookie firefighter paramedic, followed by a promotion to driver engineer, and finally a promotion to Engine Crew Lieutenant. The fire service has given me a strong background in building construction, preparation, and attention to detail.

In addition to being a firefighter, I love being able to help buyers learn about their homes. I find it fulfilling to take the buyer from a point of being completely unfamiliar with the house, to having a good understanding of it. I enjoy seeing the stress fade away from my client’s faces as they become more familiar with the structure and the guess work is taken away.

The true fulfillment in my life has come from God and my family. My wife, Tonia, is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University, a collegiate soccer player, and a business owner who delivers physical fitness and sports programs to preschoolers and elementary school children. Together we have two beautiful children, our daughter and son, with whom we live our lives and find great fulfillment in raising and cherishing. As a family, we are active in our church and enjoy family vacations, our kid’s sporting, art, and engineering events, and spending time with extended family and friends.

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Eric at InspectRx is often asked, "Should I buy this house?"

While he can't answer this question for you, he will help put you on the right track to answer this question yourself. Check out this video to see what this means.

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